Nylatron® Sterra™ 6PLA PA6


Nylatron® Sterra™ 6PLA exhibits among the highest strength and hardness of all nylon 6 grades, in addition to great creep and wear resistance, heat aging properties, and machinability capabilities. Nylatron® Sterra™ 6PLA components can be found throughout the processing and packaging industry as gears, rollers, wheel, bearings, and conveyor wear parts.

As part of the Sterra™ product portfolio, Nylatron® Sterra™ 6PLA contains recycled nylon 6 and therefore is associated with a significantly lower carbon footprint compared to similar materials derived from non-recycled feedstocks.

Ertalon 6PLA PA6 Plastic Stock Shapes
Product Information

Material Properties

Excellent strength and hardness vs. other nylons

Great resistance to creep and wear

Great heat aging properties

Easy to machine

Regional Availability

Availability of products, shapes, and colors may differ by region.