Sultron® PSU


Sultron™ Polysulfone PSU is a translucent material that offers a combination of excellent mechanical, thermal, and electrical properties. This grade often replaces polycarbonate whenever higher temperature resistance, improved chemical resistance, or autoclavability is required. Sultron™ PSU shapes are ideal for analytical instrumentation and semiconductor process equipment components due to their outstanding radiation stability, and resistance to acidic and salt solutions, detergents, hot water, and steam.

Sultron® PSU plastic stock shapes
Product Information

Material Properties

  • Broad temperature range capability
  • Good thermal and electrical insulation characteristics
  • Hydrolysis resistant
  • Radiation stability
  • Excellent mechanical properties

Available Geometries

Sultron® PSU stock shapes encompass a range of standard sizes in the following geometries: Rod, Plate


Available Colors

Sultron® PSU stock shapes come in the following colors: Yellow-Translucent

Regional Availability

Availability of products, shapes, and colors may differ by region.


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