Ketron® CA30 PEEK

Recycled Poly-ether-ether-ketone

Ketron® Sterra™ CA30 is a 30% carbon fiber-reinforced PEEK with recycled content. These shapes exhibit even higher stiffness, mechanical strength, and resistance to creep and wear than glass fiber reinforced grades. With a significantly reduced thermal expansion, optimum load carrying capabilities, and high thermal conductivity rates, Ketron® Sterra™ CA30 PEEK components are often favored for their ability to extend part life and rapidly dissipate heat in bearing applications.

As part of the Sterra™ product portfolio, Ketron® Sterra™ CA30 contains recycled PEEK and therefore is associated with a significantly lower carbon footprint compared to similar materials derived from non-recycled feedstocks.

Ketron® CA30 PEEK plastic stock shapes
Product Information

Material Properties

  • Abrasion resistant
  • Outstanding chemical and wear resistance
  • Reduced thermal expansion
  • Ability to extend part life and rapidly dissipate heat
  • Optimum load carrying capabilities

Available Geometries

Ketron® CA30 PEEK stock shapes encompass a range of standard sizes in the following geometries: Rod, Plate, Tubular bar

Tubular bar

Available Colors

Ketron® CA30 PEEK stock shapes come in the following colors: Brown-Grey

Regional Availability

Availability of products, shapes, and colors may differ by region.