KyronMAX® S-2220 Drives Increased Part Performance in Idler Wheel


The Challenge

Our customer is one of the leading bow, crossbow, and flowbow manufacturers in the world, with a wide array of products that are used within the recreational sports and hunting industry. After many attempts to overcome challenges with their existing solution, 50% Long Glass Fiber (LGF) Nylon, they called out to our Engineered Solutions Team in search of a quick, off-the-shelf solution to their application pain-points.  

Even though they replaced the original aluminum part with 50% Long Glass Fiber Nylon for its light weight benefits, they were still experiencing a 14% failure rate, with the parts consistently breaking. In addition to this, the customer had already invested in the appropriate mold for their application, and did not want to build another one.

Our Solution

Our Engineered Solutions experts introduced our customer to KyronMAX® S-2220, and even offered to mold their parts using their existing mold. This particular grade of KyronMAX® is a 20% Carbon-Filled Nylon, and offers the following key benefits:

  • High physical strength
  • Ductility
  • Practical toughness
  • High wear resistance
  • Exceptional flowability 
  • Low coefficient of friction (COF)

KyronMAX® S-2220 uses short-fiber technology, which allows for higher material strength in parts with weld lines and other complex geometries compared to 50% LGF Nylon. As a result, the weight of the part was reduced by over 21%, and their previous 14% failure rate was completely eliminated. Another important aspect of this particular success story is the Engineered Solutions Team’s turnkey “Drop-In” Product line offering that enables, customized solutions to be quickly created and implemented, in only a matter of weeks.

Lastly, due to KyronMAX® S-2220 ‘s ability increase the Idler Wheel’s overall performance, and the rapid response from the Engineered Solutions Team, our customer now uses KyronMAX® products in a multitude of other parts and applications today.

MechanicalUnitsMethodKyronMAX® S-222050% LGF Nylon

Tensile Strength

psiASTM D63844,15036,300
Tensile ModuluspsiASTM D6383,045,0002,610,000

Tensile Elongation 

%ASTM D6382.82.5
Flexural Strength psiASTM D63863,200NA
Flexural ModuluspsiASTM D6382,600,000NA
Charpy ImpactkJ/m2-8880
Specific Gravity g/cm3ASTM D7921.231.56



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