CMP Retaining Rings Maintain Dimensional Stability Due to Kyron® 1200

The Challenge

A critical step during the production of silicon wafers is the Chemical Mechanical Planarization (CMP) process, in which the challenge is finding a material that meets all of the requirements of this process. Our CMP retaining ring manufacturing customers are often in need of an advanced material that offers superior wear properties, high dimensional stability, and exceptional chemical resistance. Our Engineered Solutions team is able to enhance yield and productivity levels using their advanced materials technology and molding techniques, which is why our semiconductor and electronics customers consistently turn to our experts.

Our Solution

Our solution for challenges that CMP retaining ring manufacturers face is our Kyron® 1200, which is a reinforced PEEK compound that gives our customers the following benefits:

  • Extend retaining ring life by as much as two times over rings made of PPS.
  • Significantly improved inner groove wear resistance, by up to four times over rings made with PPS.
  • Reduce cost of ownership as a result of having a longer lifespan.
  • Superior within-wafer-non-uniformity (WIWNU) over PPS, due to improved ring uniformity.