Test Sockets

We offer the most comprehensive portfolio of solutions globally. Our services range from low cost materials for simple sockets to extremely high performance materials for the most demanding socket designs. With the increased need for more and more stable & stiff polymers along with decreasing size of features, Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials Engineering Plastic Products (EPP) offers materials than can  be specifically selected to meet the unique needs of any socket application.

Your Advantages

  • Materials specifically designed and priced for basic array pattern applications (0.4 mm hole; 0.35 pitch)
  • Materials designed to handle the most demanding desings (0.2 mm hole; 0.18 mm pitch), yet maintain stiffness and minimize movement across a wide temperature range
  • The industries widest selection of electrostatic dissipative materials

Materials & Applications


Semitron® MP370 (NEW)
Duratron® 4203 PAI
Semitron® MDS-100 (NEW)                                           
Semitron® Esd 480
Semitron® Esd 420

Test Sockets for IC chips

Probe card components