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Machining Information

These resources have been assembled to assist materials specifiers and designers in the use of engineering plastics. The content of this area is primarily intended to facilitate the use of engineering plastic stock shapes for machined parts, much of the information presented here may be applied to plastic parts processed via alternative methods such as injection molding — but we really prefer you use one of our stock shapes.

This area of our site is growing very rapidly and is divided into several tool sets. One of the key sections provide an overview of plastics as engineering materials, basic design considerations, and an introduction to commonly used physical properties.

Try choosing a material using our analog material selection tool, a step-by-step guide to selecting plastics based upon specific application requirements, including the need for chemical resistance and FDA, or other regulatory agency approval. It's all on-line and only a click away. Of course, we're only a phone call away, too. We're not just a faceless web entity - we're the biggest stock shapes team in world and we stand ready to help you.

The focus of this area is to assist the designer or fabricator in choosing the best material for an application. For detailed Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials product descriptions or physical property data use the Data Sheet tool in the Literature Library section or order/download a copy of our Product and Applications Guide, which is available in several areas on the site.