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Engineering plastic shapes Thermoplastic products reference chart

Looking for a specific engineering polymer with specific properties? Download the Product Reference Chart for an at-a-glance overview of all polymer groups, chemical acronyms, and MCG brands in our portfolio of thermoplastic shapes.

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THE MARKET’S BROADEST PORTFOLIO Engineering plastics product guide

All our engineering plastics, explained. Learn about the key performance properties and recommended applications of each of our materials in this comprehensive guide.

Machinist's Toolkit

Achieve the best results with your finished components by applying these guidelines and troubleshooting tips for machining plastic shapes.  

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Want to learn more about advanced engineering thermoplastics and composites materials? You’ve come to the right place.
Material selection guide

Material selection guide

Which engineering plastic is right for your application? Learn how to narrow down candidate materials based on mechanical, thermal, and chemical requirements. 

Testing services

Testing services

Want to make sure your plastic part or assembly has the durability, performance, and lasting aesthetics that your products need? Our in-house testing services are here to help you.

Engineering posibilities


Whether you are replacing a troublesome metal part, designing an innovative new component, or looking to reduce the climate impact of a product – engineering materials can make it possible.