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Product Data Sheets PDF

To further assist you in choosing the correct product for your application, Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials Engineering Plastics makes available the following pieces of literature:

Moderate MaterialsEngineering MaterialsAdvanced MaterialsExtreme Materials
TIVAR® 1000Ertalon® 66 SASultronTM PSUDuratron® T4203 PAI
TIVAR® 1000 antistaticErtalon® 6 SASultronTM LSG PSUDuratron® T4503 PAI
TIVAR® ECO greenErtalon® 4.6Duratron® U1000 PEIDuratron® T4301 PAI
PE 500Ertalon® 66-GF30SultronTM PPSUDuratron® T4501 PAI
TIVAR® DrySlideErtalon® 6 PLATechtron® 1000 PPSDuratron® T5530 PAI
TIVAR® TECHErtalon® 6 XAU+Techtron® HPV PPSDuratron® PI
TIVAR® DSErtalon® LFXKetron® 1000 PEEKDuratron® CU60 PBI
TIVAR® Ceram PNylatron® NSMKetron® GF30 PEEK

(30% Glass-Reinforced)

TIVAR® 88Nylatron® MC 901Ketron® CA30 PEEK

(30% Carbon Fiber-Reinforced)

TIVAR® BlueLineNylatron® GSKetron® LSG CA30 PEEK


TIVAR® SuperPlusNylatron® GSMKetron® LSG PEEK 
TIVAR® BurnguardNylatron® SLG PA6Ketron® HPV PEEK 
TIVAR® 1000 ASTLNylatron® 703 XLKetron® TX PEEK 
TIVAR® 1000 ECErtacetal® CKetron® LSG CLASSIXTM PEEK 
TIVAR® H.O.T.Ertacetal® HFluorosint® 500 PTFE 
TIVAR® CleanStatNylatron® GSM BlueFluorosint® MT-01 
TIVAR® MDAcetron® MDFluorosint® 207 PTFE 
TIVAR® Oil FilledAcetron® LSGSemitron® ESd 225 
TIVAR® CestidurErtalyte® PET-PSemitron® ESd 410 C 
TIVAR® CleanStat WhiteErtalyte® TXSemitron® ESd 500 HR 
TIVAR® HPVAltronTM PCSemitron® ESd 520 HR 
Proteus® LSG HS PPAltron LSG PCSemitron® MDS 100 
QuickSilver®Nylatron® MDSultronTM LSG PPSU 

Nylatron® 66 SA FRKetron® MD PEEK 
 Nylatron® 66 SA FSTKetron® CC 90 PEEK 
 Ertacetal® H-TFFluorosint® 135 
 Ertalon® 66 SA-CSemitron® MPR 1000 
 FlextronTM TPE 1055Fluorosint® HPV 
  Semitron® 490HR