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Case study

[Industry] Plant engineering

[Name] Support rails in air conveyor systems

Application:Screw Feder
Quantity:25 pcs
Liner:TIVAR® 1000 (2mm) + SBR (1mm) x 900 x 1800
Bulk Material: feedstuff of cow
Problem:flow, adherence
Date Installed:  2010

The Challenge

Feedstuff laid down on a trough and vent

Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials’ solution

Providing Semi finished parts, Install time could be shorten. Fulfilled Customized size required.

Important: Most plastics will ignite and sustain flame under certain conditions. Caution is urged where any material may be exposed to open flame or heat generating equipment. Use Material Safety Data Sheets to determine auto-ignition and flashpoint temperatures of material or consult Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials. WARRANTY: Characteristics and applications for products are shown for information only and should not be viewed as recommendations for use or fitness for any particular purpose. TIVAR® and SystemTIVAR® are registered trademarks of Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials.

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