Duratron® T4301 PAI


Duratron® T4301 PAI is a graphite-filled polyamide-imide offers a very low expansion rate and coefficient of friction, exhibiting little to no stick-slip. The addition of PTFE and graphite provides higher wear resistance compared to the unfilled Duratron® T4203 PAI grade, and also gives Duratron® T4301 PAI excellent dimensional stability capabilities over a wide temperature range. Duratron® T4301 PAI’s flexural modulus of 1,000,000 psi is higher than most other advanced engineering plastics, which allows it to excel in severe service wear applications such as non-lubricated bearings, seals, bearing cages, and reciprocating compressor parts.

Duratron® T4301 PAI plastic stock shapes
Product Information

Material Properties

  • Low expansion rate
  • Low coefficient of friction, low stick-slip
  • Higher wear resistance than unfilled grades
  • Excellent dimensional stability over wide range of temperatures
  • Flexural modulus of 1,000,000 psi

Available Geometries

Duratron® T4301 PAI stock shapes encompass a range of standard sizes in the following geometries: Tubular bar, Rod, Plate

Tubular bar

Available Colors

Duratron® T4301 PAI stock shapes come in the following colors: Black

Regional Availability

Availability of products, shapes, and colors may differ by region.