Semitron® CMP XL20 PAI

Semitron® CMP XL20 was developed from a proprietary polyamide-base resin and offers wear life more than 20 times that of standard PPS in all CMP chemistry environments. This material has the best combination of wear life, and mechanical strength and stiffness, ideal for the most demanding applications and in extreme process environments.
Semitron® CMP XL20 plastic stock shapes
Product Information

Material Properties

  • High strength and stiffness promotes fewer edge defects and better uniformity
  • Good chemical and creep resistance
  • Excellent wear life
  • Dimensionally stable
  • Outperforms PPS up to 20x in most processes

Available Geometries

Semitron® CMP XL20 PAI stock shapes encompass a range of standard sizes in the following geometries: Rod, Plate


Available Colors

Semitron® CMP XL20 PAI stock shapes come in the following colors: Green

Regional Availability

Availability of products, shapes, and colors may differ by region.