Semitron® 490HR PEEK

Semitron® ESd 490HR PEEK electrostatic dissipative shapes that exhibit a higher resistivity value in the 10^9 to 10^11 ohms per square range. Semitron® ESd 490HR PEEK components are thermally stable to temperatures of 490° F / 270° C without degradation, and also possess high structural strength and stiffness combined with excellent dimensional stability. This particular grade is non-sloughing, which is why it is an ideal solution for socket, nest, and contactor manufacturing for test equipment, and other electronic device handling applications.
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Product Information

Material Properties

  • Higher resistivity value, in the range of 10^9 to 10^11
  • Thermally stable to temperatures of 490°F (270°C)
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • High structural strength and stiffness
  • Excellent dimensional stability

Available Geometries

Semitron® 490HR PEEK stock shapes encompass a range of standard sizes in the following geometries: Rod, Plate


Available Colors

Semitron® 490HR PEEK stock shapes come in the following colors: Black, Beige

Regional Availability

Availability of products, shapes, and colors may differ by region.


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