Mingalen & Mingaprop

Recycled polypropylene and polyethylene granules

Industrial grade polypropylene and polyetheylene are versatile materials in engineering applications. By reclaiming and recycling these materials into our Mingalen and Mingaprop portfolio, we are contributing to the global availability of these valuable secondary raw materials. 

Our recycled PP and PE granules come in the following standard grades:

  • Mingaprop homopolymer polypropylene PP-H
  • Mingaprop copolymer polypropylene PP-C
  • Mingalen high density polyethylene HDPE

While both Mingalen and Mingaprop are best suited for extrusion, both materials are also available for injection molding. We compound additional Mingalen and Mingaprop products to meet individual customer needs. At your request, we also compound our recycled PP and PE granules for flame retardance, conductivity, specific color requirements, and more.