Recycled Fluoroplastic Granules

Fluoroplastics are often used to create specific composites and complex parts. We specialize in reprocessing this waste to create high-quality fluoroplastic recyclate.

Our Mingaflour portfolio includes granules made from reclaimed parts and cut-offs of the following materials:

  • Polyvinylidene fluoride PVDF
  • Ethylene chlorotrifluoroethylene ECTFE
  • Ethylene tetrafluoroethylene ETFE
  • Perfluoroalkoxylalkane PFA
  • Perfluoro (ethylene propylene) plastic FEP

Mingafluor granules are produced exclusively from industrial waste that has been thoroughly cleaned and sorted, enabling us to guarantee consistently excellent material quality in every batch. The machinery we use is laid out to meet the specific production requirements for high-quality fluoroplastics. If you need recycled fluoroplastic granules with specific properties, we will happily compound Mingafluor according to your individual requirements.