Low-weight reinforced thermoplastic

SymaLITE® is a a special low weight reinforced thermoplastic (LWRT) available in both textile and panel formats that exhibits low thermal expansion as well as excellent mechanical and physical properties. With mixed glass and polymer fibers at its core and a combination of different laminated top layers, SymaLITE® materials allow for the cost-efficient production of three-dimensional components by means of low-pressure molding.

Ultra-light and freely shapeable, SymaLITE® composites are also noise-absorbent and allow for direct facing with either functional or decorative cover layers without the use of adhesives. In panel form, the material can be utilized in place of plywood, thin plies of tropical timber, fiber board, or polymeric rigid foams. When molded into a three-dimensional component, SymaLITE® can be easily manipulated to exhibit different wall thicknesses at different places on a single component.

Common applications of SymaLITE®
  • As a durable, noise-insulating material for car undershields, engine and gearbox covers etc.
  • As a carrier material for decorative applications (e.g. car headliners)
  • As an impact-resistant, non-weathering material for outdoor applications in the automotive and caravan industry as well as in the construction sector
  • As a substitute for wood-based materials and rigid foams in sandwich constructions for the caravan and commercial vehicle industry.  
Functional layers applied inline
  • Foils
  • Adhesive films
  • Barrier foils
  • Fleeces
  • Protective fleeces
  • Decorative layers  
General specifications
Area weights
700 - 2,200 g/m2
Glass fiber content
40% - 50%
Criteria Value
Area weights 700 - 2,200 g/m2
Glass fiber content 40% - 50%
SymaLITE® material properties
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Good acoustical performance
  • Oleo- / hydrophobic behavior
  • Flame resistant properties
  • Good stone chipping behavior
  • Mechanical properties can be tailored by thickness
  • Excellent material stiffness
How we recycle SymaLITE® LWRT
Recycling glass-fiber reinforced thermoplastic composite SymaLITE