System TIVAR® Engineering

System TIVAR® Engineering Solutions for Bulk Material Flow Problems    

Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials offers materials and fully engineered lining solutions to provide mass flow by preventing blockages, buildups and funnel flow, to boost efficiency of bulk material handling processes.

Features and Benefits:

  • Non-stick, non wearing surface promotes flow, ensures a reliable and safe operation and prevents costly downtime, maintenance and repair
  • Widely diversified range of TIVAR® 88 grades for optimum performance in the application, recommended by leading flow consultants
  • Custom designed, prefabricated kits fit even challenging geometries and reduce on-site installation time and cost
  • Proven installation procedures for quick and easy installation, in narrow installation windows
  • Global turnkey project management experience ensures seamless and efficient integration in workflow
  • More than 40 years proven track record of global projects in any part of the world

Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials’ System TIVAR® Engineering is able to provide lining solutions specific to each individual case(project)  including on-site analysis, liner design, pre-fabrication of kits, optional supervision or turnkey installation, anywhere around the globe, from small to large scale. Please consult our case history handbook for examples of successfully implemented projects. Our local Engineering Teams are ready to start working on your solution!


Product Overview

  •  Promotes reliable, steady bulk material flow
  •  Abrasion-, chemical- and corrosion-resistant
  •  Low coefficient of friction
  •  No moisture absorption
  •  Reduces or eliminates arching, ratholing and erractic flow
  • keyboard_arrow_downTIVAR® 88

    Recognized worldwide as the premium lining material for bulk material handling, TIVAR® 88 is noted for its performance in promoting bulk solids flow of cohesive or non-free flowing materials due to its low surface friction. TIVAR® 88 liners are the perfect solution when you need to reduce or eliminate arching, ratholing and erratic material flow challenges in bins, bunkers, hoppers and chutes, railcars, etc.

    Although every application is unique, some have specific environmental challenges. Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials has developed several proprietary formulation packages for TIVAR® 88 that enhance certain properties without negatively impacting TIVAR® 88's key properties.

    UV Resistant
    For applications in outdoor environments that receive high exposure to ultra violet rays,TIVAR® 88 UV Resistant prevents premature degradation of material.

    Electro Static Dissipative
    In dusty or volatile environments, TIVAR® 88 ESd protects against the build-up of electrical charges.

  • keyboard_arrow_downTIVAR® 88-2

    TIVAR® 88-2 can be fabricated - and welded - to provide a solution for nearly any application, whether it's a seamless, drop-in liner; a framed-in liner or even a replacement liner. Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials' System TIVAR® Engineering continually works on new solutions for current and future application challenges.

  • keyboard_arrow_downTIVAR CleanStat

    TIVAR CleanStat is a PE-UHMW grade for use in food processing and pharmaceutical industries. It exhibits static dissipative properties and has a food contact compliant composition.

    TIVAR CleanStat black (plates) is available as a "Food Grade".

  • keyboard_arrow_downTIVAR H.O.T.

    TIVAR H.O.T. [Higher Operating Temperature] is formulated to maintain inherent PE-UHMW key properties over an extended service temperature range, in this way considerably increasing part life in low load bearing applications up to temperatures as high as 125°C. Special additives reduce the oxidation rate of the material at higher temperatures thereby slowing down material degradation and extending wear-life. TIVAR H.O.T. also features a food contact compliant composition.

    TIVAR H.O.T. (plates) is available as a "Food Grade".

  • Bunker
  • Silo
  • Feeding hopper
  • Chain trough conveyor
  • Screw conveyor
  • Charging boxes
  • Discharge boxes
  • Transport chute
  • Vibrating chute
  • Railway wagon
  • Self-unloading bulk carrier
  • Truck dump bodies
  • Bucket wheel reclaimer
  • Wheel loader bucket
  • Coal (power plants, preparation, steel)
  • Mining
  • Cement
  • Food
  • Sand & Minerals
  • Fertilizers
  • Chemical