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Environment and Climate Change

Climate Change

Human-induced climate change and resource / energy depletion are already impacting ecosystems and societies across the globe. Consequently, environmental sustainability has become one of humanity’s most urgent collective challenges.

That’s why reducing our climate footprint is a priority target in our KAITEKI implementation strategy. To contribute our part on keeping global warming below 1.5° C, we’ve set ourselves ambitious targets for our operations in the short-, mid and longer-term.

Climate Neutral by 2023 and Climate Positive by 2030

By 2023 we target Climate Neutrality on our Scope 1 and 2 emissions and by 2030 we want to achieve a Climate Positive state. This means that we will reduce our emissions in line with scientific recommendations to reach the goals of the Paris agreement. As a critical first step on this exciting journey, we partnered with a leading climate solutions provider to conduct a climate-related gap analysis. The gap analysis confirmed that MCAM is well-positioned to start implementing considerable climate action and to become a leader in our sector.

Already half of our manufacturing and fabrication sites globally changed to renewable sources based electricity, 5 of these sites additionally compensate their remaining emissions. Through these changes we were able to considerably reduce our CO2 footprint worldwide.

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Climate Change

Circular Economy