Circular Economy

We live in a world of finite resources and circularity approaches are a major pillar in our long-term KAITEKI vision and strategy.

Plastic waste is a key challenge of the 21st century. However, there are numerous positive environmental benefits that support the use of plastic materials in industrial, technological processes. For example, it’s recyclable, lightweight and often has excellent performance properties when compared to other materials.

Circular Solutions

As a producer of plastics, MCAM takes the environmental challenges very seriously. We are developing and producing high-performing, high-quality specialty plastics. Our material applications and solutions serve a broad range of industries and sectors such as:

  • Mobility
  • Aerospace
  • Energy generation
  • Semiconductor & electronics
  • Medical & life sciences
  • Food & beverage production, and many more

Statera™ Circular Solutions

Through our Statera™ offering, our industry-leading recycled materials are fit-for-purpose, regulatory compliant, and consistent in performance with virgin alternatives, enabling a confident transition to circularity without interruption or compromise. Advanced material innovation, custom solutions, and global low-carbon manufacturing help close the loop. 

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Throughout the life cycle of our products, we see the responsibility and opportunity to significantly reduce carbon emissions and help reverse climate change.

Speeding up recycling and circular solutions in private and business life is decisive in addressing these environmental issues.

MCAM is already actively pursuing circular approaches as part of our business portfolio.

MCAM Symalit AG

MCAM Symalit AG makes Cable Protection Systems. It is a circular economy pioneer and a long-standing business within the MCAM group. MCAM Symalit AG is the Swiss market leader in the production of cable protection conduits and molded parts made of recycled and recyclable thermoplastics (mainly polyethylene).

Almost all of Symalit's products are made almost exclusively of recycled material. Symalit cable protection conduits are halogen-free and are proven to not release any unwanted substances into the environment even after years of use.  For more information, visit the Symalit website.

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Further Expansion

MCAM is also advancing its vision of a circular economy through strategic acquisitions to serve different solutions and markets.

In 2020, we acquired the recycling activities of ‘Minger Kunststofftechnik’ (now MCAM Symalit AG, Appenzell Branch, Recycling Solutions) and c-m-p GmbH, a carbon fiber prepreg manufacturer.

Another important building block in our circular economy strategy was the acquisition of the assets of CFK Valley Stade Recycling GmbH and CO KG and carboNXT GmbH.

With these acquisitions, we are well-equipped to extend the life cycle of a broad range of thermoplastics and carbon fibers, from creation and recycling through to reuse and resale.

Our aim is to open up new avenues of possibility, to transform your ideas into reality with innovative materials and an intuitive and proactive approach, while radically reducing our own environmental footprint so we can leave the planet in better stead for generations to come.

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