Duratron® PI

Product Overview

  • Good performance at elevated temperature (<662°F); <572°F in longer periods 
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Easily machined from a broad range of shapes - rod, sheet, tubular forms
  • High strength, tough and dimensionally stable

Product Details

Duratron® PI stock shapes and direct formed parts 
Duratron® PI products are made from robust polyimide resins for demanding applications where exceptional thermal resistance, low wear and low friction, strength and impact resistance are required.  Duratron® PI offers properties that help to overcome sealing, friction, and wear challenges, that can endure high temperature and stands up to the harsh operating environments of the aerospace, transportation, and industrial applications. 

HCM Shapes – Hot Compression Molded
Duratron® PI shapes can be an ideal starting point for designs where smaller series are required and where tolerances and geometry of end part require machining 

DF Parts and near-net shapes – Direct Formed Standard grades
Duratron® DF parts are an exceptional value for applications where thermal requirements are desirable and high numbers of parts are essential. Either through machining of near net shape or even pressing final parts where tolerances and geometry allows it. Also available in Duratron® DFU Specialty grade with improved low moisture uptake and superior thermal oxidative stability.


Proven Applications

  • Valve and pump seats, seals and wear surfaces
  • Structural and wear parts for Semiconductor and Electronics manufacturing
  • Fixtures and handling parts for glass and plastics manufacturing
  • Metal replacement for Aerospace components - lightweight, lubrication free