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Ertalon® 6 XAU+ PA6

Ertalon® 6 XAU+ is a heat stabilized cast nylon grade with a very dense and highly crystalline structure. Compared with conventional extruded or cast nylons, Ertalon 6 XAU+ offers superior heat aging performance in air (much better resistance to thermal-oxidative degradation), allowing 15 - 30 °C higher continuously allowable service temperatures.

Nylatron® GSM PA6

Nylatron® GSM contains finely divided particles of molybdenum disulphide to enhance its bearing and wear behaviour without impairing the impact and fatigue resistance inherent to unmodified cast nylon grades.

Nylatron® GS PA66

The addition of MoS2 renders this material somewhat stiffer, harder and dimensionally more stable than Ertalon® 66 SA, but results in some loss of impact strength. The nucleating effect of the molybdenum disulphide results in an improved crystalline structure enhancing bearing and wear properties.

Ertalyte® TX PET

Ertalyte® TX is a polyethylene terephthalate compound incorporating a uniformly dispersed solid lubricant. Its specific formulation makes it a premium internally lubricated bearing-grade. Ertalyte® TX not only has an outstanding wear resistance, but offers in comparison with virgin Ertalyte® PET an even lower coefficient of friction as well as higher pressure-velocity capabilities. 

Ertalyte® PET

Ertalyte® PET is FDA compliant in natural color and on request also in black. Natural colored Ertalyte® is also 3A-Dairy compliant. The material is an excellent candidate for parts used in the food processing and equipment industries.

Ertacetal® C POM-C

Ertacetal® C (POM-C) is Quadrant's copolymer acetal grade. Next to the standard natural grade, there is also a series of special colors available all showing a FDA food contact compliant composition. The acetal copolymer is more resistant to hydrolysis, strong alkalis and thermal-oxidative degradation than the acetal homopolymer.

Nylatron® NSM PA6

Nylatron® NSM is a proprietary cast nylon 6 formulation containing solid lubricant additives which grant this material self-lubricity, excellent frictional behaviour, superior wear resistance and outstanding pressure-velocity capabilities (up to 5 times higher than conventional cast nylons). Being particularly suited for higher velocity, unlubricated moving parts applications, it is the perfect complement to the oil-filled grade Ertalon® LFX.

Ertalon® LFX PA6

Ertalon® LFX, especially developed for unlubricated, highly loaded and slowly moving parts applications, yields a considerable enlargement of the application opportunities compared to standard cast nylons. It offers a reduced coefficient of friction (up to 50% lower), considerably increasing the pressure-velocity capabilities, and a vastly improved wear resistance (up to 10 times better).

Ertalon® 6PLA PA6

This unmodified cast nylon 6 grade exhibiting characteristics which come very close to those of Ertalon® 66 SA. It combines high strength, stiffness and hardness with good creep and wear resistance, heat aging properties and machinability.

Ertalon® 66SA PA66

This is a material with a higher mechanical strength, stiffness, heat and wear resistance than Ertalon® 6 SA. It also has a better creep resistance but its impact strength and mechanical damping ability are reduced. Well suited for machining on automatic lathes. 

Ertalon® 6SA PA6

This material offers an optimal combination of mechanical strength, stiffness, toughness, mechanical damping properties and wear resistance. These properties, together with a good electrical insulating ability and a good chemical resistance make Ertalon® 6 SA a "general purpose" grade for mechanical construction and maintenance.

Techtron® HPV PPS

Thanks to the uniformly dispersed internal lubricant, Techtron® HPV PPS exhibits an excellent wear resistance and a low coefficient of friction. It overcomes the disadvantages of virgin PPS caused by a high coefficient of friction and of a glass fiber reinforced PPS which causes premature wear of the counterface in moving-part applications.

Fluorosint® 500 PTFE

Reinforced with a proprietary synthetic mica, this material exhibits, in addition to its inherent outstanding chemical and hydrolysis resistance, very good mechanical and tribological properties. Fluorosint® 500 PTFE (colour: ivory) has nine times greater resistance to deformation under load than unfilled PTFE. Its coefficient of linear thermal expansion approaches the expansion rate of aluminum and is 1/5 that of virgin PTFE, often eliminating fit and clearance problems.

Fluorosint® 207 PTFE

Fluorosint® 207 (colour: white) PTFE's unmatched dimensional stability, excellent creep resistance and white color uniquely position this material to serve FDA regulated applications. It is non-permeable in steam and complies with the FDA's regulation 21 CFR 175.300. Its relative wear rate is 1/20 the rate of PTFE below 150 °C making it an excellent choice for aggressive service bearings and bushings.

Ketron® 1000 PEEK IM

Injection Molded Ketron® PEEK advanced polymers shapes are ideal for machined back-up rings and v-seals.  Ketron® PEEK offers excellent chemical and wear resistance across a broad range of operating temperatures.  In addition to the widely used Ketron 1000 PEEK grade, several specific grades are available that incorporate glass or carbon fibers, or wear resistant additives that increase the wear life of machined parts.

Ketron® TF20 PEEK SP


Ketron® CA30 PEEK SP

Ketron® GF30 PEEK SP

Ketron® 1000 PEEK SP

This unfilled PEEK grade is ideal for use in compression molded rings.

Ketron® GF30 PEEK

This 30% glass fiber reinforced grade (colour: brownish-grey) offers a higher stiffness and creep resistance than Ketron® 1000 PEEK and has a much better dimensional stability. This grade is very appropriate for structural applications carrying high static loads for long periods of time at elevated temperatures. 

Ketron® HPV PEEK

The addition of carbon fibers, PTFE and graphite to virgin PEEK results in a Ketron® PEEK "Bearing Grade" (colour: black). Its excellent tribological properties (low friction, long wear and high pressure-velocity capabilities) make this grade especially suited for wear and friction applications.

Ketron® 1000 PEEK

Ketron® 1000 PEEK stock shapes offer the highest toughness and impact strength of all Ketron® PEEK grades. Both Ketron® 1000 PEEK natural and black can be sterilized by all conventional sterilization methods. Additionally, the composition of the raw materials used for the manufacture of Ketron® 1000 PEEK stock shapes complies with the regulations of the European Union (Directive EU 10/2011) and the United States of America (FDA) for plastic materials and articles intended to come into contact with foodstuffs.

Duratron® T5530 PAI

This 30% glass fiber reinforced grade (colour: black) offers higher stiffness, strength and creep resistance than the other Duratron® PAI grades. It is well suited for structural applications supporting static loads for long periods of time at high temperatures. In addition, Duratron® T5530 PAI exhibits superb dimensional stability up to 260°C making it extremely popular for precision parts in e.g. the electronical and semiconductor industries. 

Duratron® T4503 PAI

This grade (colour: yellow-ochre) is commonly used for dies and patterns of formed metal parts or as thermal insulators. It is similar in composition to Duratron® T4203 PAI, and selected when larger shapes are required.

Duratron® T4501 PAI

Duratron® T4501 PAI (colour: black) is well suited for general purpose wear and friction parts. It has a high compressive strength and can therefore carry more load. It is similar in composition to Duratron® T4301 PAl, and selected when larger shapes are required.

Duratron® T4301 PAI

The addition of PTFE and graphite provides higher wear resistance and lower coefficient of friction compared to the unfilled grade as well as a lower tendency to stick-slip. Duratron® T4301 PAI (colour: black) also offers excellent dimensional stability over a wide temperature range. This extruded Duratron® PAI grade excels in severe wear applications such as non-lubricated bearings, seals, bearing cages and reciprocating compressor parts. 

Duratron® T4203 PAI

Duratron® T4203 PAI (colour: yellow-ochre) offers excellent compressive strength and the highest elongation of the Duratron® PAI grades. It also provides electrical insulation and exceptional impact strength. This grade is commonly used for electrical connectors and insulators due to its high dielectric strength. Its ability to carry high loads over a broad temperature range makes it good for structural components such as linkages and seal rings. Duratron® T4203 PAI is also an excellent choice for wear applications involving impact loading and abrasive wear.

Duratron® CU60 PBI

As an unreinforced material, Duratron® CU60 PBI is very "clean" in terms of ionic impurity and it does not outgas (except water). These characteristics make this material very attractive to semiconductor manufacturers for vacuum chamber applications and for the aerospace industry. Duratron® CU60 PBI has excellent ultrasonic transparency which makes it an ideal choice for parts such as probe tip lenses in ultrasonic measuring equipment.