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Sustainability / KAITEKI

Sustainability means meeting our own needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs. More than ever before, we believe that achieving excellence demands planning with the future in mind – while taking decisive action in the present.


At MCAM, we are committed to “Realizing KAITEKI”, the vision of our holding company Mitsubishi Chemical Group Corporation (MCGC). “KAITEKI” is an original concept and it stands for

“The sustainable wellbeing of people, society and our planet Earth”.

KAITEKI guides everything we do and we are fully focused on addressing the many global social and environmental demands. In turn, this creates new and sustainable value for all our stakeholders.


“KAITEKI Vision 30” video explains how we see the future and how we act to make it a reality.

Our Global Effort

The existential challenges the world faces today can only be solved by collaborating on every level. The business community has a unique duty to take their responsibility, apply their collective scientific, engineering and operational power, and make the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) a significant driver of future business.

To support the needed advancements and to ensure we remain at the forefront of the actions on sustainability, MCGC works with many global organizations and networks (please also visit the MCGC website):

  • World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD)
  • Value Balancing Alliance
  • Alliance to End Plastic Waste
  • Japan Initiative for Marine Environment
  • Japan Clean Ocean Material Alliance
  • At Arizona State University, MCHC is engaging in an industry-university partnership with the “Global KAITEKI Center”

KAITEKI Management

KAITEKI Management defines how to make the KAITEKI vision a reality. It spans three dimensions: economics, technology and sustainability.

Looking after the bottom line, identifying options for growth, and investing in innovation and technology are traditional management priorities. By including social and environmental sustainability within these priorities, KAITEKI aims to inspire a more holistic and integrated management approach.

For further details about the KAITEKI vision and KAITEKI Management:

Visit the MCHC website

Ethics, Compliance and Standards

To act sustainably requires us to take responsibility for our products and operations, and to run our business based on strong ethics – rigorously upholding the law in all our business dealings.

The MCHC Charter of Corporate Behavior defines our standards of business conduct. It promotes a common understanding of the principles and values that guide the behaviors of our people. Our global teams receive regular awareness training to ensure that a comprehensive understanding of ethical standards and compliance lies at the core of our culture.  
Meeting international standards and maintaining the continuous improvement cycle are important steps for us on our sustainability journey. MCAM’s operations have been certified for many highly-respected international standards. We are delighted with the progress and coverage we’ve achieved to date. We won’t stop there. We will continue to strive to improve and deliver high-quality products and services that meet the most stringent regulations.

Get a global view of the standards we meet


Nothing Comes Before Safety. That is our philosophy at Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials. Absolutely everything we do has safety at the heart of it – for our employees, partners, communities and customers.

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Quality - Business Excellence

We are committed to sustainable development and supporting our holding company's vision of «Realizing KAITEKI» by embracing the KAITEKI concept and applying the KAITEKI Management System.

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