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Better than wood

The thermoplastic composite materials developed by Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials are finding increasing use in the construction industry because they are in many respects markedly superior to wood, the classic material. They are above all light, weather-insensitive, dimensionally stable and non-rotting.

Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials has therefore developed MultiQ, a solid thermoplastic composite panel, by resorting to two proven polypropylene-based materials. Used as formwork panels or scaffold planks, they boost economic efficiency on the construction site thanks to their long service life.

The innovative sandwich board has a core made of SymaLITE, while the cover layers consist of high-strength, thin and UV-resistant GMTex. In the production of MultiQ, the two sheet-like semi-finished products are welded together into 9 to 22 mm thick sandwich panels through the application of heat. The surface of the new composite is homogeneous and smooth. The special combination of multi-directional glass fibers in the core and cover layer fibers oriented in the direction of tension and compression yields the desired high material stiffness with a low weight per unit area.

The MultiQ product line is a modular system. The composition and thickness of the fiber composite panels offer plenty of scope for variation and permit design to customer specification. Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials makes it possible to have panels produced in different colors and sizes up to a maximum size of 2.4 x 3.5 m.


Conventional formwork panels made of plywood swell, discolor, rot - but no so the patented MultiQ Concrete formwork panel ...



Incredibly impact-resistant is another sandwich panel variant:

MultiQ Impact ...


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MultiQ® Concrete

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The MultiQ® Impact sandwich panel replaces plywood in moisture-sensitive environment.

Plywood 14mm vs. MultiQ 10mm

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6 kg out of 1.3m height on plywood 14mm vs. MultiQ Impact 10mm, Result: MultiQ® Impact (10mm thick) has a much higher energy absorption than a 14mm plywood.

Case Study

Innovative scaffold board made of plastic

MultiQ® Impact, a glass-fiber-reinforced thermoplastic composite, is clearly...