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Medical & Life Science

Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials has a long-term history in development, manufacturing and supply of Engineering Plastics used in Medical and Life Science applications. Cooperating closely with medical devices manufacturers, Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials understands technical, compliance and regulatory aspects associated with the use of polymers in Medical and Life Science applications, including materials for longterm medical implants. Therefore, Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials can provide you with the right technical choice supported by regulatory and compliance expertise.

Your Advantages

  • Compliance: Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials’ “Life Science Grades” are approved for body and tissue contact up to 24 hrs (with the exception of 30 days for Ketron® CLASSIX™ LSG PEEK) and fulfil security and regulatory requirements of notified bodies with. These grades have been developed and tested for biocompatibility according to ISO 10993 and USP requirements. They allow for expedited medical device clearance. In addition, Change Control Processes to comply with notifications and change requests are established for Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials’ “Life Science Grades”. Certification and documentation is provided and established.

    For implantable PEEK and UHMW-PE development and manufacturing, Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials is ISO13485 certified; these grades are intended for long-term implantation.
  • Confidence: Rely on a competent partner in design and feasibility process to choose the “right material” for sensitive Medical and Life Science applications. Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials has a long-term history of and experience in supplying  Engineering Plastics Solutions for Life Science and Medical applications.
  • Choice: Choose from a broad range of Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials’ proven Engineering Plastics such as PEEK, PAI, PEI, PPSU and implantable grade UHMW-PE having long-term and proven records in the Medical and Life Science Industry.  All products are supplied with certification confirming USP Class VI and ISO 10993 compliance.
  • Capabilities: Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials excels in the development of Engineering Plastics being converted to stock shapes and processed by injection moulding to meet the needs of the Medical Industry.

Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials products in action, used in Nonspec prosthetic arms, see more here.

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    Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials supports Medical Device Manufacturers and Life Science companies with a team of material and industry experts. An array of standard materials out of product families such as Ketron® PEEK, Duratron® PAI, Duratron® PEI and SultronTM PPSU are available to choose from. Needed security for Medical and Life Science Applications is supported by Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials’ “Life Science Grades” fulfilling compliance and biocompatibility requirements. Contribution in development and design processes is Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials’ key strength.


     SultronTM LSG PPSU

Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials offers Life Science Grades which have been specifically developed for applications in the medical, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. The Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials Life Science Grades portfolio includes plastics which comply with FDA, ISO 10993 and USP guidelines for biocompatibility testing of materials, saving testing costs and time while providing full traceability from raw material to stock shape.

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    • Surgical instruments and handles
    • Endoscopy components
    • Trauma: Trays for implants and instruments, Target Devices
    • Orthopedic / Joint Reconstruction: Implants and Trial implants, instrument components
    • Analytical and Diagnostic Equipment
    • Dental Instruments
    • Imaging Equipment
    • Anaesthetic and Therapy Equipment
    • Biotechnology
  • keyboard_arrow_downDental - Ketron® PEEK LSG Dental Polishing Equipment

    Challenge: Jet systems that utilize a mixture of air, powder and water are used for the removal of soft plaque deposits by dentists. The equipment required has to be of high precision, able to withstand multiple sterilization cycles in steam and hot air temperatures of up to 170-180 °C. Furthermore, it has to be wear resistant to the cleaning mixture.
    Solution: Ketron PEEK LSG due to its dimensional stability and steam sterilization resistance and its suitability for body contact time of up to 24 hours - essential in this application.
    Benefits: The life time of the Ketron PEEK mixing head exceeds that of the equipment.

  • keyboard_arrow_downDental - Ketron® PEEK-CLASSIX™ LSG Temporary Abutment

    Challenge: A material that better adapts to the gingiva form but is also biocompatible was required by surgeons. Traditionally titanium has been used for both the healing cap and as a provisional implant to form the gingiva.
    Solution: Ketron PEEK-CLASSIX™ LSG is a high performance material offering excellent mechanical, thermal and chemical properties as well as biocompatibility.
    Benefits: Enables completion of the abutment to the desired form, and the material can stay in the body for 30 days / 180 days with written approval.

  • keyboard_arrow_downBiotechnology - Ketron® PEEK LSG Parts for Bioreactors

    Challenge: Bioreactors degrade contaminants in water with microorganisms through attached or supended biological systems. Possible leaching of substances from the plastic parts used in the bioreactors would impair the results and efficiency of such systems. Cleaning cycles use strong chemicals as well as several sterilization techniques such as autoclaving or dry heat at 170-180 °C.
    Solution: Ketron PEEK LSG has the required mechanical, thermal and chemical properties to perform well in this environment.
    Benefits: High and reliable output.

  • keyboard_arrow_downPharmaceutical - Ertalyte® TX Piston Guide in a Rotary Tablet Press

    Challenge: Guides to function as a kind of cam were needed for a sinusoidal up and down movement of the piston at a speed of 2.7 m/s. The function occurs while the tablet press carrousel is rotating, so complex machining was required to obtain the necessary geometry.
    Solution: Ertalyte TX for the parts that form the complete circle. The material has a low coefficient of friction, exceptional wear resistance and outstanding machinability.
    Benefits: Grease free solution ideal for a clean production environment.


In order to fulfill our role in society, we strongly feel that it is our responsibility to maintain the right balance between social and evironmental demands, and economical sustainability. One part of our efforts to realize this vision is to help millions of human beings around the world to maintain or restore a high quality life, which is demonstrated through our corporate sustainability concept called KAITEKI.  

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MediTECH® Implantable Polymers

Implant products made from Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials' biocompatible polymers help millions of patients around the world to maintain or restore a high quality of life. Discover the opportunities of our Longterm Implantation products Zeniva® PEEK and Chirulen®/Extrulen® UHMW-PE.


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Life Science Grades

Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials offers Life Science Grades which have been specifically developed for applications in the medical, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. 

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