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At Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials Safety is a value.

Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials Safety mission for all employees is ‘I do it because I care about our safety and wellness’.

This simple statement is based on many training and learning programmes. Behavioural initiatives, risk assessments, accident and incident global reporting and learning initiatives are adopted throughout Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials’s organisation.

All employees are encouraged to identify and report hazards in their working environment. The hazard severity identified by qualitative risk assessments are reduced if not eliminated. In Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials Safety has no equal priority as the goal is to perform all activities injury free.  Working safely is a condition of employment for employment which is a shared value for every Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials employee.

Every Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials site location is encouraged to deliver a Safety policy statement for all permanent and temporary employees including external contractors. This identifies who is responsible in all Safety aspects. Defined risk assessments result in operating and emergency procedures which are regularly reviewed by extensive audit practises. Issues are reported and fixed.

Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials employees can become Safety representatives, risk assessors, fire wardens and marshals, ergonomic and 5S experts, behavioural trainers for colleagues in our quest to make our company a safe place for one and all.

Employees perform all these safety related concerns because ‘we do it because we care about our safety and wellness’ for ourselves and each other.