Climate Change

At Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials, our vision to put KAITEKI into practice is to give back more than we take. This same vision underscores our commitment to continuously look for innovative solutions to global challenges. As a front runner in the industry, we have now set the target of becoming climate neutral by 2023 and climate positive by 2030. But we know we cannot do this alone. A key enabler in achieving our goal will be strong collaboration with our partners along the value chain.”

Michael Koch, Chief Executive Officer, Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials


Our strategy and key initiatives

We realize that much still needs to be done. To become Climate Positive our key initiatives include:

  • Reduction and efficiency measures throughout our operations and all relevant business processes
  • Switch to 100% electricity based on renewable sources
  • Self-generation of energy
  • Internal Carbon Pricing system
  • Our Circular Economy and Life Cycle Assessment strategy
  • Establish a baseline of our Scope 3 emissions. Based on this inventory we will set realistic yet ambitious reduction pathways in line with scientific requirements
  • Compensation of any unavoidable emissions by investing in certified, high quality carbon credits
  • Commitment to ZERO landfill, as well as waste and water usage reduction by at least 20% each by 2025 compared to a 2015 baseline.

The first and essential milestone for us is to achieve Climate Neutrality by 2023 on our own footprint (Scope 1 and 2 emissions).

As part of our climate neutrality, we will design and implement a reduction plan and compensate for unavoidable emissions. Beyond this, we aim to ensure that our business growth will be climate neutral.