Ertalon® 4.6

Product Overview

  • High mechanical strength, stiffness, hardness and toughness
  • Good fatigue resistance
  • High mechanical damping ability
  • Good sliding properties
  • Excellent wear resistance
  • Good electrical insulating properties
  • Good resistance to high energy radiation (gamma- and X-rays)
  • Good machinability

Product Details

Compared with conventional nylons, Ertalon 4.6 features a better retention of stiffness and creep resistance over a wide range of temperatures as well as superior heat aging resistance. Therefore, applications for Ertalon 4.6 are situated in the "higher temperature area" (80 - 150 °C) where stiffness, creep resistance, heat aging resistance, fatigue strength and wear resistance of PA 6, PA 66, POM and PET fall short.


Nylons can absorb up to 7% (by weight) water under high humidity or submerged in water. This can result in dimensional changes up to 2% and a corresponding reduction of physical properties. Proper design techniques can frequently compensate for this factor.