Altron™ PC

Product Overview

  • High mechanical strength
  • Good creep resistance
  • Very high impact strength, even at low temperatures
  • Stiffness retention over a wide range of temperatures
  • Very good dimensional stability (very low water absorption
    and low coefficient of linear thermal expansion)
  • Natural colour (clear, translucent)
  • Good electrical insulating and dielectric properties
  • Physiologically inert (suitable for food contact)
  • Economical thermal performance

Altron™ 1000 PC

Product Details

Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials is marketing non-UV-stabilized polycarbonate stock shapes under the trade name Altron™ 1000 PC. It is a natural, "non-optical" industrial quality (clear, translucent).  The above mentioned properties, in addition to good electrical characteristics, make Altron™ 1000 PC machine grade polycarbonate stock shapes an excellent choice for electrical/electronic applications. Its strength, impact resistance and transparency also make it an ideal material for certain transparent structural applications such as sight glasses and windows.

Altron™ 1000 PC machine grade polycarbonate is stress relieved making it ideal for close tolerance machined parts.

  • keyboard_arrow_downInsulators

    Insulators made of Altron™ 1000 PC Polycarbonate provide excellent dielectric strength in electrical applications. (Prior material: PTFE)

  • keyboard_arrow_downSight Glasses

    Sight Glasses
    On gasoline tankers, a sight glass machined from Altron™ 1000 PC Polycarbonate tubular bar permits drivers to easily inspect tank level. (Prior material: Glass)

  • keyboard_arrow_downManifolds

    Altron™ 1000 PC Polycarbonate plate is easily machined into impact resistant manifolds for a variety of industries. (Prior material: Acrylic)

Altron™ 1000 PC polycarbonate is a machining grade, not optically clear. It can be both mechanically and vapor polished to improve optical clarity. Caution: During machining, never use coolants with an aromatic base.