Sultron™ PSU

Product Overview

  • High maximum allowable service temperature in air (150°C continuously) 
  • Good hydrolysis resistance (suitable for repeated steam sterilization)
  • High strength and stiffness over a wide temperature range 
  • Good dimensional stability
  • Physiologically inert (suitable for food contact)
  • Very good resistance against high energy radiation (gamma- and X-rays)
  • Good electrical insulating and dielectric properties

Sultron™ 1000 PSU

Product Details

Sultron™ 1000 Polysulfone (PSU) is an amber semi-transparent, heat-resistant, high performance engineering thermoplastic. It offers excellent mechanical, electrical and improved chemical resistance properties relative to polycarbonate. Polysulfone's properties remain relatively consistent over a broad temperature range, from -100 °C (-150 °F) to 100 °C (300 °F).

Sultron™ 1000 PSU Polysulfone offers high chemical resistance to acidic and salt solutions, and good resistance to detergents, hot water and steam. In addition, polysulfone has excellent radiation stability, and offers low ionic impurity levels. Sultron™ 1000 PSU Polysulfone often replaces polycarbonate when higher temperatures, improved chemical resistance or autoclavability is required. It is commonly used for analytical instrumentation, medical devices and semiconductor process equipment components.

  • keyboard_arrow_downManifolds

    Manifolds machined from Sultron™ 1000 PSU Polysulfone plate optically transparent, able to be sterilized by radiation, and resist cracking from environmental stresses. (Prior material: Acrylic)

  • keyboard_arrow_downDistributor Valves

    In the poultry industry, Sultron™ 1000 PSU Polysulfone parts used on processing lines offer chemical resistance and minimal expansion rates. (Prior material: Stainless Steel)

  • keyboard_arrow_downSteam Cleaning Equipment Inserts

    Inserts made of Sultron™ 1000 PSU Polysulfone reduce chemical attack on the nylon distribution block in hot water and steam cleaning equipment. (Prior material: Nylon)

Polysulfone is not a wear material and may stress craze under high pressures in certain chemical environments.