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For years Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials Composites has been developing and manufacturing glass fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites for the automotive industry and the building sector. Increasingly, companies from various other sectors discover the advantages of fiber reinforced thermoplastics.

Extremely unbreakable, impact resistant and at the same time efficient to manufacture: GMT was thus predestined for use in forming the blade of an ice hockey stick.

GMT was also used in forming a horse saddle. The decisive advantage here was high stability with defined flexibility.

For a boat paddle, however, GMTex® is the choice: high section modulus, high stiffness and abrasion resistance. For water rafting very high impact resistance is required because of high edge load caused by stones.


  • Impact resistance
  • Fracture resistance
  • Efficient production (short cycle time possible with compression)

Fields of application for GMT

  • Replaces injection-molded plastic
  • Blade of the stick


  • High section modulus and rigidity
  • Impact resistance
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Efficient production (short cycle time possible with compression)

Field of application for GMTex

  • Replaces wood and injection-molded plastic
  • Paddle blade
  • High impact resistance is demanded in whitewater owing to high stressing of blade edge


  • Very high strength with defined flexibility (can be varied with different layering)
  • Metal-free
  • Long-term flexural strength
  • Fracture resistant
  • Rapid payback of workpiece costs (even in small numbers)

Field of application for GMT

  • Replaces wood and injection-molded plastic
  • Saddle tree
  • Symmetrical construction with long-term strength

Pool Gratings

Increased safety in public & private pools

Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials‘s pool gratings & accessories are manufactured from HI·DEN PE 500 (HMW-PE), an extremely tough polymer. Compared to other plastic materials traditionally used in pool and leisure applications there are some advantages that make HI·DEN PE 500 the material of choice ... Click here for more information.

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Injection Molding

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