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Chemical Processing - Oil & Gas

The industry-required temperatures, loads and chemicals call for materials that can handle the extreme elements.  Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials continues to provide the widest product portfolio of Advanced Engineered Materials and General Engineered Materials for the market.  Our technical service and development teams can help provide guidance on material selection from our broad product portfolio to ensure the best and most cost effective solution is chosen for your application. 

Your Advantages

  • Improved product efficiency with tighter tolerances and lower wear materials
  • Reduced weight and power requirements by switching metal components to plastic
  • Resolved heavy corrosion problems in harsh environments
  • Reduced VOC Emissions – superior materials for seal elements help reduce leaks impacting the environment
  • Reduced friction and superior coefficient of linear thermal expansion (CLTE) improve performance and design of components
  • Increased equipment lifetime
  • Reduced maintenance cost with easy to clean non-stick materials
  • The products of Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials comply with many common industry specifications, such as ISO, ASME, Norsok, API and NACE. 
  • Ketron® 1000 PEEK stock shapes meet NORSOK M-710 compliance. Learn more here.


Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials' global technical service teams support our customers around the world. We can provide full material seminars, individual application assistance or part validation assistance; our experts are well diverse in applications in the market. Our global stocking warehouses and distribution networks help insure your product is available when you need it most.

Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials is the leader in providing polymer material to the compressor and pump market - we supply stock shapes as well as finished part solutions for global clients in the compressor and pump market.
No matter if you are using a turbo compressor turning at 60,000 rpm or a piston compressor turning at 500 rpm. Our product portfolio allows our technical service team to apply the right material for your application.

  • Our polymer labyrinth seals sold for the turbo compressor market can provide reduced tolerance or maintain original tolerance over the life of the seal.  Reduced tolerances provide improved compressor efficiency
  • High temperature range products maintaining stiffness 
  • Reduced friction and superior coefficient of linear thermal expansion (CLTE) materials improve performance and design capabilities
  • Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials provide products that comply with many common industry specifications, such as ISO, Norsok, API and NACE

Products & Applications


Ketron® CA30 PEEK, Duratron® PAI

Fixed tooth polymer labyrinth seals

Fluorosint® 500

Abradable polymer labyrinth seals

Fluorosint® 500

Diffuser / shroud materials

Ketron® HPV PEEK, Ketron® 1030 HT PEEK

Pump wear rings

Ketron® HPV PEEK, Ketron® 1030 HT PEEK

Pump throat collar bushings

Techtron® PPS, Duratron® PAI, Ketron® PEEK

Polymer vanes for pump and compressor applications

Techtron® PPS, Fluorosint®

Scroll tip seals

Techtron® PPS

Polymer impellers

Techtron® PPS, Duratron® PAI, Ketron® PEEK

Polymer pistons

Ketron® PEEK, Fluorosint®, Nylatron®, TIVAR®

Piston rings and rider bands

Ketron® PEEK, Duratron® PAI,Techtron® PPS, Fluorosint®

Thrust washers

Fluorosint®, Ketron® PEEK

Packing set materials

Ketron® PEEKNylatron®, Duratron® PAI

Valve plates and poppets

Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials’ broad material offering from Nylatron® (Nylon) to our Duratron® (Polyimide) provides a material for the wide array of application needs in the Fluid Management Market. Valve manufactures are the largest consumer of polymer materials. 
We offers solutions for the distribution of fluids with lined piping products. Our pipe spacers, hangers and roller applications also contribute to the success of the fluid market segment.

Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials separates all other market applications into the drilling and production equipment segment.  A few examples for this market segment are J-Lay Tower pads and cable sheaves, pipe rollers, subsea morning system, buoyancy modules.  This market segment covers applications from the exploration, drilling, distribution and processing of oil, gas and petrochemical products onshore and off.

Products & Applications


Ketron® PEEK

Large diameter (3m +) seals and back-up rings


Pipe rollers


Pipe spacers


Pipe hangers and slide pads


J-Lay tower pads


Cable sheaves


Buoyancy modules

Ketron® PEEK, Duratron® PAI

Electrical connectors

Ketron® PEEK, Duratron® PAI

Coupling devices for fluid and electric services

Ketron® PEEK, Nylatron®

Morning system bearings


Injection Molding

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