Product Overview

With its built in dry lubricant and 80% COF reduction, TIVAR® HPV was developed specifically for use in today's most demanding production environments, experiencing high speeds, high temperatures, high friction, high loads and aggressive cleaning agents.

TIVAR® HPV semi-finished shapes and machined finished parts offer reduced friction, near zero level "slip stick," and an LPV value 18-35% higher (more slick) than competitive materials. The superior sliding performance of TIVAR® HPV reduces friction of components against a mating partner while also better protecting parts from wear. Components made with TIVAR® HPV show improved sliding behavior and high wear and abrasion resistance at key touch points in conveyor systems.

The material is a cost-effective, FDA approved solution for preventing excessive wear and deformation of parts to support the longest possible lifecycle in conveyors, directly contributing to time in use and safety benefits.



  • Chain guides
  • Sliding strips & guides
  • Rollers
  • Single & multiple corner wear bends
  • Straight guides

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