Work at Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials

A demanding and rewarding company to grow with

We invest time into training our employees giving you ample opportunity to thrive in your role with emphasis on supporting your continued development.  We lead by example and empower our employees to work independently to confidently make decisions and contribute to the company according to our core values.

You are expected to share your knowledge with colleagues and partners and to always focus on finding the best solution in every situation. This paves the way for creating possibilities by those that are committed to keeping a bright future in focus.

Life balance

Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials chooses people who see their work as a vital part of life. We want you commit to contributing to the constant growth and success of the company. But this does not mean we look exclusively for people who will put all their energy and focus on work. Quite the contrary.  We believe family is an individual’s first priorty and we are convinced the best results are achieved when we create a healthy balance between work and personal lives and goals with people from different phases of life.

Online Application

For applications please only use our online application form!