What you learn

  • What trends that are happening in the market.
  • Covering what is Tri-Detectable and best choice of materials.
  • Discovering what is needed for a portfolio and examples.


What we offer

  • Live Webinar: Overview of Tri-Detectable Plastics
  • Expert Presenter giving profound information
  • Duration: 30 minutes 

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Our Food Expert Paul is the Featured Presenter


Paul is the global market segment manager for the Food Processing & Beverage Industry. His key role is to identify global trends and technology shifts in the industry and produce a portfolio of materials that speak to these trends. By identifying gaps in materials wanted and needed by the industry, Paul works with the R&D team and our Compliance Officers to bring these materials to reality. 


General Information

- Tri-detectability:
Referes to materials that can be detected in three ways - visually (blue color), by metal detector (MD), by X-Ray device (XR)

Who decides on changes: 
Agencies, Production and CIP/SIP drive change on regulatory, production requirements (speed, load, temperature) and changes of equipment (sterilization, machine design)

Why Plastics:  
Longer Life and Higher Performance = Improved Productivity
Plastics often exceed in performance compared to metals (light-weight, wear and temperature resistance, self-lubrication, insulation)

- Detectability = Safety:
The global detectable plastics market is expected to grow at a robust rate through 2020. Food safety means highest possible level of prevention from food contamination.