Product Overview

  • Protects against electrical charge build-up
  • Reduces noise
  • Self-lubricating
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • No moisture absorption


If static electricity poses a significant problem in your manufacturing environment, take action by choosing TIVAR® ESD or TIVAR® EC.

With a surface resistivity range of 105 to 109 (ohms/sq) TIVAR® ESD handles tough conditions where dust and static electricity can cause problems.

TIVAR® ESD is an ideal material to use when potentially volatile conditions exist, such as those in grain elevators and munitions plants, effectively safeguarding against static discharges. In addition, it resists heat and protects robotics and other products that are sensitive to dust accumulation and electrical charge buildup.  Where you need the material to be conductive, TIVAR® EC provides a surface resistivity of <105.

Both Black TIVAR® ESD and TIVAR® EC are available in two standard sheet sizes: 48" x 120" sheets with gauge sizes ranging from 1/16" to 6"; 60" x 120" sheets with gauge sizes ranging from 3/8" to 1". TIVAR® ESD is also available in rod, board, tube, tape and profiles.


    • Chemicals - explosives, munitions
    • Electronics
    • Grain Handling
    • Package Handling


    • Assembly conveyor components
    • Bearings
    • Chain guides
    • Chute liners
    • Conveyor components
    • Discharge spout liners
    • Flights
    • Guide rails
    • Robotics parts
    • Slide liners
    • Table surfaces
    • Transfer plates
    • Trough liners
    • Wearstrips

    TIVAR® CleanStat™

    • Electro Static Dissipative
    • Meets FDA and USDA guidelines 3A-Dairy certification
    • Reduces noise
    • Self-lubricating
    • Corrosion-resistant
    • Meets ASTM D-4020-81 of 4.0- to 5.4-million molecular weight
    • No moisture absorption

    TIVAR® CleanStat™ can cut downtime and fines build-up in a variety of applications. It eliminates static build-up problems, meets FDA, USDA and 3A-Dairy guidelines for food contact and exhibits a longer wearing, lower coefficient of friction sliding surface than stainless steel.

    TIVAR® CleanStat™ can be easily fabricated into components and replacement parts that reduce noise levels in plants and require less frequent cleaning. Its welded design capabilities result in seamless welded components.

    TIVAR® CleanStat™ available in 48" x 120" sheets with gauge sizes ranging from 1/4" to 3". It is also available in specific tube and rod sizes and custom fabricated parts.


    • FDA Industries (food packaging/ Bulk Material Handling processing)


    • Chute liners
    • Fabricated components
    • Hopper liners
    • Vibratory feeder pans

    Video Center

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    QuickSilver® high performance dump truck liners are designed to clean-out and clean-up of some of the toughest materials including hot asphalt in the very worst conditions.

    TIVAR® 88 Linings in Action

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    Improves the Productivity & Safety of Hopper, Bin, and Bulk Material Handling Operations. Real "Before" and "After" shot by one of our customers.

    TIVAR® DrySlide in Action

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    Quadrant TIVAR® Dryslide vs. Polished Mild Steel Surface