Nacelle - System and Components

Wind turbine nacelles are the heart of the turbine, alike the engine room on a ship. It houses all the critical components that finally transform the wind's kinetic energy into a spinning generator, which then generates the electricity. Although they might look small when seen from ground level, they can be same size & weight of a few sea containers. The functional groups and systems within a nacelle of a modern wind turbine include

  • the yaw system
  • the mechanical drive train
  • the electrical systems and cabinets

Yaw System Techniques

The Yaw System is the component that is responsible for the orientation of the Wind Turbine rotor towards the wind, allowing the turbine to head itself into the wind direction, but also keep itself locked in that position when wind direction is stable. There are two techniques used; both are based on a bearing, brakes, drives, and positioning system:

  • Yaw Roller Bearing System
    Traditional design, based on roller bearing.
    Requires separate active brake callipers & brake disc. Mostly used for small/medium size (onshore) turbines.
  • Yaw Slide Bearing System
    New design, based on polymer slide bearing.
    No need for additional brake callipers or brake disc (integrated). Mostly used for large and extra large size (offshore) turbines.

Solutions for the Drivetrain Systems

The Drive Train facilitates the adaptation of the rotor’s rotation speed into a suitable speed for the generator. There are two solutions for Drivetrain Systems: 

  • Gearbox Drive
    Traditional design, based on increase of rotation speed of main shaft, to fit to generator. Mostly used for onshore turbines. 
  • Direct Drive
    New design, using a (larger) generator, which is directly attached to the rotor (located between nacelle and rotor). Mostly seen at offshore turbines

Electrical System and Cabinets

The Electrical Systems and Cabinets convert the electricity of the generator into a suitable format to match the Electric Grid, frequency AC/DC. 

The nacelle houses many essential components that generators depend on. Therefore, manufacturers, constructors, and designers are challenged with a need for reliable parts and materials, which is what Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials can provide. So whether it’s your wind turbine nacelle’s yaw system, drive train, or electrical systems and cabinets, let our technical experts steer you towards the appropriate solution for your application!

Yaw System 

Yaw Slide Bearing System
Yaw Brake Pads
Yaw Slew Roller Bearings
Yaw Gear Position Control
Yaw Gear Greasing System

Mechanical Drive Train

Gearbox Lubrication Systems
Nacelle Main Shaft Bearing

Electrical System

Generator Slip Ring
Power Converter AC/DC
Electrical Cable Fixation Systems
Electrical Connectors