Quadrant EPP Europe Announces Price Increase Effective April 10th 2017


Quadrant Engineering Plastic Products (Quadrant EPP) has announced a price increase within the Europe, Middle East, Africa region on selective products and product lines, effective April 10th 2017.

The increase is based on the raw material industry’s considerable and rapid increases of prices for various resins, some with even particularly high adjustments. The rather dramatic development on the raw material side and the intensity of recent increases along with rising operating and logistic costs force Quadrant EPP to pass on increases for the following products and brands:


   Product                        Chemical Family          Grades                           Price Increase

Ertalon® / Nylatron®

cast PA6

all grades

+0,75 €/kg

PE 500


all grades

+0,30 €/kg

Ertalon® 6SA



+0,80 €/kg

Ertalon® 66SA


all grades

+0,80 €/kg

Ertalon® 4.6



+1,50 €/kg

Ertacetal® H


all grades

+0,60 €/kg



all grades

+0,80 €/kg

Quadrant® 1000 PC



+0,80 €/kg


In addition, all cut-to-size and parts made from above products will increase accordingly. All open quotations, blanket orders and special pricing agreements will be reviewed. Special pricing agreements may increase more than indicated values above. Pre-buy purchases will be restricted to maintain sufficient inventory levels. 

Stefan Willing, Commercial Director Quadrant EPP Europe, comments: “We all knew this price turnaround would come after a few years of declining prices. However, intensity and speed still came with surprise in the months of January and February 2017. There is honestly a price rally going on in the chemical industry for main base chemicals and feedstock driven by very strong demand and even some shortages. Price increases for stock shapes, custom cast components and machined parts are, therefore, inevitable. Also speed is very critical as the chemical industry leaves us no choice. The pressure is tremendously high for the whole supply chain and channel partners to execute these increases fast to improve and allow for still sufficient margins.”


Ertalon®, Ertacetal®, Ertalyte®, Nylatron® and Quadrant® are a registered trademarks of the Quadrant Group.


For further press information, please contact:

Petra Brinkmann, Marketing Communications Coordinator Quadrant EPP Europe

E-mail: petra.brinkmann(at)qplas.com



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