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As a fully-integrated manufacturer of injection-molded polymer components and sub-assemblies, Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials CMS acts as a local partner to world-class manufacturers across a range of industries, in the creative development and production of polymer-based parts and components for critical systems. Components produced by Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials fall into five major categories: functional packaging; automotive; medical; electrics & electronics and mechanical equipment, examples of which can be found via the tabs below.

Functional Packaging

Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials experiences that it’s profile of a state of the art molder with large engineering support activities is regarded as an asset to large companies active in Beverage, Personal or Home Care.  

The business model which Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials encounters in this market segment learns us that customers do not only expect responsive suppliers but also expect innovative input which they can apply in their products range.  

Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials's response to this need is an open business model, by which it creates more value for its customers by collaborating with innovative partners.  

Based on their initial development, Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials  further industrializes these innovations towards attractive solutions for its customers.  Following the product requirements, production takes place in cleanroom or HACCP environment.

Please click on the following link to view examples of functional packaging:

Case Studies: Functional Packaging


Hospitals, physicians, medical labs and research facilities across the globe are working with an ever-increasing number of plastic instruments and devices. Production of these devices, according to all stringent quality and hygienic requirements, requires specific technical knowledge and ability.

Customers value the product development know-how Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials CMS can deliver, its state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities up to cleanroom class 100,000 and its high degree of automation. Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials CMS manufactures injection-moulded optical parts, disposable products, home diagnostics and health-care products, amongst others.

Case Study medical application


The combination of product development, production and assembly from a single source has enabled Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials CMS to become a supplier to a number of leading, international main suppliers to the automotive industry.

True to its stated business objective of supplying components for critical systems, Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials CMS focuses on high-precision, injection-molded parts for safety, electrical, under-the-bonnet and interior applications.


Case Study automotive applications


Today’s Electrical & Electronical (E&E) applications make the almost paradoxical demands of increased exterior aesthetics with increased internal sophistication. Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials CMS’ expertise for simultaneously developing the product and the mould makes it an ideal partner for the design and manufacture of plastic components and systems for the E&E market.

Here Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials focuses on technical housings, frames and supports as well as electromechanical components.

Case Study for electrical applications


Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials CMS has earned a high reputation in mechanical and systems engineering by virtue of its many years of experience with a wide range of engineering and high-performance plastics, as well as in product design.

In these markets Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials CMS manufactures components which meet the highest standards in terms of mechanical load-bearing capacity and temperature resistance.

Case studies for industrial applications