Recycled thermoplastics with proven quality that support circular economy


Recycling plastics conserves natural resources and demonstrably contributes to reducing greenhouse gas emissions that are harmful to the climate. Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials recognizes that sustainable development is a critical challenge and that the global business community has an important role to play in the achievement.

Contributing to “Realizing KAITEKI”
As a member of the Mitsubishi Chemical Group Corporation (MCGC), we express our commitment to sustainable development through the vision “Realizing KAITEKI”.
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Our high-quality recycling products are produced according to highest and uniform quality standards. As material experts with extensive experience, we concentrate on the professional processing of thermoplastic materials and are known for high-performance engineering plastics. We are one of the world‘s most experienced processors for PEEK, fluoroplastics and polyamides. All our processes are certified according to ISO 9001.

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Statera™ Circular Solutions

Through our Statera™ offering, our industry-leading recycled materials are fit-for-purpose, regulatory compliant, and consistent in performance with virgin alternatives, enabling a confident transition to circularity without interruption or compromise. Advanced material innovation, custom solutions, and global low-carbon manufacturing help close the loop. 

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  • PVDF
  • ETFE
  • PFA
  • FEP
  • Compounds

Our technology and systems are specifically designed for fluoroplastics in order to maintain the product properties.

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  • PEEK
  • PEEK Micro
  • Compounds

With this high-quality material, you benefit from a processing method exclusively developed by MCAM Symalit, Appenzell branch: Optimized washing processes clean chips and parts coming from processing of semi-finished products into clean granules.

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  • PA12
  • PA11

We produce our plastics exclusively from clean and sorted industrial waste, so that we can guarantee you consistent and excellent material quality for every batch. We compound tailor-made Mingamid products on request.

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Mingalen, Mingaprop

  • PE
  • PP

Our Mingalen (polyethylene PE) and Mingaprop (polypropylene PP) materials are manufactured exclusively on the basis of clean, sorted industrial waste. Both types are of consistent, excellent material quality and are available for both injection molding and extrusion.

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  • Documented waste disposal
  • Material purchasing
  • Supply of containers and replacement containers; baling press available upon request
  • Compounding, pelletizing and material processing in compliance with customer specifications
  • Recalling of partial lots
  • Development of concepts for the disposal and recycling of your plastic-production wastes


  • Labeling & sorting of the delivered material (from 1000 kg)
  • Grinding, disposal of dust and metal residues
  • All common thermoplastics (production scrap, sprues, chunks, large-volume molded parts, powders, foils, profiles, filaments)
  • Freely selectable grinding range between 6 mm and 10 mm
  • Return delivery in octabins or big bags


  • Regranulation of all common thermoplastics (production waste, sprues, molded parts, regrind, foils, fiber-containing plastics)
  • Homogenization to achieve uniform processing parameters (as per your requirements)
  • On request compounding with additives according to your requirements
  • Regranulates free from dirt particles and foreign matter, easy to process


  • Addition of color pigments
  • Coloring of granules according to your color samples (RAL, Pantone, HKS), from 3000 kg
  • Addition of special pigments
  • Improvement of technical properties
  • Delivery in any desired, common packaging unit

Sorting, Purifying

  • Pioneering inspection, analysis and sorting system for material purity at highest quality level (X-ray technology)
  • Precise granulate inspection for metallic and organic contaminants under clean room conditions
  • Intelligent combination of X-ray and optical technology
  • 100 percent purity check - outside and inside - to exclude contaminated granulate


  • Toll contract processing of all common thermoplastics
  • Regranulation of your thermoplastic waste and residues
  • Many years of experience, professional production area, quality management
  • ISO 9001: 2015 certified
  • 100% inspection of the plastic regranulate using latest analysis technology