Metal Detectiable grade

TIVAR®MD is an MD grade material based on ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene.


  1. Can be detected with a metal detector
  2. Compliant with FDA standard and EU10 / 2011 standard
  3. Visual identification due to blue color


  • Various parts of food production line
  • Fixing jig for slicing ham and sausage, various other parts
  • Bread machine slicer guide, bread dough drawing roll, transfer screw


Because UHMW-PE belongs to the specified flammable materials, it should be stored and managed in accordance with the Fire Service Law and fire prevention regulations.


  1. The physical, chemical and thermal properties can vary greatly depending on the base polymer, so it is necessary to determine the properties for application.
  2. Depending on the type of food and detector settings, the size of debris that can be detected may vary significantly.

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