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Heavy Equipment

Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials develops solutions for the Construction & Heavy Equipment Industry since many years. Our success is build on expertise and broad experience with many applications such as in Mobile & Harbour Cranes, Lifting Gear, Excavators, Agricultural Equipment. Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materialss global presence, our rich product portfolio combined with a variety of conversion technologies offers you proven and customized turn-key solutions.

All products are extensively tested and able to operate under harsh wear and even extreme thermal conditions. Our “Extreme” materials offer the advantages of all plastics: helping to reduce weight and a substitute option - due to their high specific strength – to other materials like bronze, cast iron and welded steel.

Your Advantages

  • Productivity increase
    • Extended Mean Time Between Repair (MTBR), therefore reduced downtime, by using longer lasting, maintenance-free self lubricating materials   
    • Longer life in use enabled by improved chemical resistance of components
  • Cost savings provided by wear enhanced products
  • Noise reduction offered through friction optimized products with non- stick-slip behaviour
  • Environmentally friendly applications as a result of eliminated or substantially reduced external greasing needs
  • Safety in use by getting the optimum cost-performance solution from a wide range of products

Products & Applications

Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials materials have been developed with and tested in the industry for many years. Due to the extreme exposure to wear in this industry, Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials continues to offer products for a wide range of applications (i.e. Nylatron 703 XL).  Our materials often replace critical equipment parts in order to extend the time in use, reduce cost during the initial installation and provide the end-user a performance enhanced product. In many cases a considerable benefit for the environment is achieved as greasing can be eliminated or reduced substantially.

Customers can chose from a selection of standard formulations as well as custom-formulated grades for targeted and extreme applications.


  • Cable sheaves in various cast nylon formulations for lifting equipment (if required, specific certification by respective authorities can be supplied)
  • Wear pads and guiders in various materials and shapes to guide telescopic movements
  • Rings and bushes for rotating movements
  • Nylatrack Trackplates for tracked vehicles used on soft soils
  • Nylatron MC 904P Pile Driver Caps to improve piling efficiency in all kinds of equipment (hydraulic, diesel, mechanical)

Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials est le leader des fournisseurs de matériaux de revêtement pour la promotion du flux des matériaux en vrac. Nous avons des matériaux pour vos applications. Le portefeuille  de produits de la gamme SYSTEM TIVAR® ENGINEERING de Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials permet à notre équipe du service technique d’employer le matériau approprié là où il faut.

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