VMX Detectable Polymers for Food Contact Applications

Engineered plastics with visual, metal, and x-ray detectability

Increase safety and efficiency with the VMX (Visual, Metal, X-Ray) portfolio. Our new VMX polymers enhance your food processing capabilities by bringing three-way detectability and dual food compliance (EU and FDA). The range includes four unique polymers – each tailored to meet different performance requirements.

Better performance through a safety-first approach

Food safety is the highest priority for processors and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM). Your reputation is banked on it. Plastic contamination in a food product could mean food recalls, legal penalties, brand damage and even bankruptcy.

That’s why food safety is always at the top of our agenda when we develop engineering plastics for food contact applications. But we also know that OEMs and processors face further challenges. Food processing speeds continue to increase. This in turn causes increased stresses on equipment, leading to potential failure of components which can risk food contamination in the long run. In order to improve food processing safety, the need for components made from high-performing, detectable polymers has never been greater.


Increase production efficiency with VMX polymers

A unique portfolio of materials for the globally evolving detection technology in food processing environments.

Not only will these blue plastics with metal and x-ray detectability improve safety, but also help you to meet your sustainability targets and improve your production capabilities with:

  • Higher processing speeds – our plastics weigh 1/7th that of metals allowing for higher processing speeds.
  • Longer up-time – our materials are self-lubricating which leads to less wear and reduces need for lubrication.

Blue plastics with metal and x-ray detectability

We are unique in the industry – the only company to offer Food Compliant Materials that are detectable in three ways:

  • Visual Detection (materials are a highly visible blue)
  • Metal Detection
  • X-Ray Detection

Our VMX portfolio spans much more than traditional metal detectable solutions. VMX products improve the safety and integrity of processing operations and food quality – having superior mechanical properties to help improve overall production efficiencies.

VMX benefits

  • Increased detection via particle detection from 2mm* in Visual (materials are a highly visible blue), Metal and X-Ray.
  • Regulatory compliance with FDA and EU 10/2011 Food Grade (all products come with migration test documentation) for use in food processing. Also manufactured within GMP guidelines.
  • High-quality material is in stock globally. It is designed by our experts who truly understand the requirements of the food processing industry.
  • Resistance to high temperatures and aggressive chemicals which would otherwise corrode metals – ideal for clean in place (CIP) and sanitize in place (SIP).

* detectable size varies depending on food and technology type.

Ketron® VMX PEEK

  • Used in applications where high line speeds require good wear resistance or where operating temperatures in use are higher than 130 °C (266 °F)
  • For multiple sterilizable machine parts, mainly in equipment with CIP (clean in place) or SIP (sterilization in place)
  • Resistant to steam
  • Suitable for food approved parts requiring high stiffness without reinforcements
  • High dimensional stability for high precision parts
  • Enhanced impact/stiffness ratio
  • Highly visible blue color

Filling pistons, Manifolds, Valves, Scrapers in cookers and high-temperature mixers, Hot oil applications in fryers and ovens, Thrust washers, Guiders, Bushings

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  • Best in class impact resistance and low Coefficient of Friction
  • Medium dimensional stability due to extreme low water absorption, but high Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion (CLTE)
  • Good performance in a cryogenic environment
  • Excellent release properties
  • Continuous use temperature 80 °C (176 °F)
  • Highly visible blue color

Chain guider elements, Funnels, Rollers, Bushings, Sprockets, Mixing Paddles

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Acetron® VMX POM-C

  • Optimal balance of stiffness and impact strength
  • Superior dimensional stability
  • Continuous use temperature up to 105 °C (221 °F)
  • Highly visible blue color

Scrapers, Funnels, Guiders, Grippers, Gear, Extrusion Dies, Cutting Blades

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Nylatron® VMX PA6

  • High wear and fatigue resistance
  • Lower moisture absorption than standard PA6
  • Continuous use temperature up to 85 °C (185 °F)
  • Highly visible blue color

Thrust washers, Seals, Rollers, Pulleys

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