QuickSilver® HD

New member of our family of Dump Truck Bed Liners!


  • More payload (up to 200+ kg!) per day.
    No need for heavy wear plates.
  • Extended life-time for existing vehicles
  • Extremely impact- and wear-resistant
  • Smooth surface

QuickSilver® Dump Truck Bed Liners:
Cleaner, faster unloading at lower tilt angles!

  • Save on repairs and cleaning time

  • Improved payload and safety

  • Pays for itself in as little as 180 days



Construction & Excavation

Sand, crushed rock, gravel, asphalt, mud, topsoil, limestone, clay, gypsum, etc

Waste Management & Recycling

Sewage, industrial dust, batteries, pulverised fly ash, etc.

Agriculture & Landscaping

Root vegetables, lime, manure, fertilisers, corn silage, grass, etc.

See what customers have to say about QuickSilver®

Save time, increase profits

“Apart from the obvious safety benefit, the time saved in not having to dig out means we can do more loads per day.”

- David W Burns, Bonnyrigg

Unparalleled performance

"Our first liner was installed in 2006, and now we have had more than 80 lined from new. Reliability, performance and durability are key."

- M Way & Son, South Molton

Safety first

"We’ve had trailers go over in the past. Since we had the first liner installed, my drivers love it and feel much safer when tipping"

- Rangers Transport, Micheldever

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