TIVAR® Low Friction Linings

Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials has developed a number of low friction lining products specifically for bulk material handling applications. Our extensive range of TIVAR® liners exhibit exceptional impact & abrasion resistance properties. Common flow problems such as caking, bridging and rat-holing can be reduced or eliminated thereby avoiding stoppages and bottle-necks of dry or moist materials and in so doing saving many costly man hours and downtime. Our record over many years, speaks for itself.

Available Colours (dependant on Grade): Grey, Red, Blue, Black, Green, Natural & Multi (confetti).


  • Coal: Bunkers, hoppers, chutes, filter discharge chutes,reception bins, rapid unloading and/or transfer points and equipment (Bulk Materials Handling).
  • Mineral Sands: Silos, chutes, reception bins, hoppers.
  • Power Generation: Apart from coal above, TIVAR® Low Friction Linings have been successfully used in fly and fine ash handling facilities, including ash conditioners.
  • Food / Agriculture: Grain and animal feed applications as well as sugar and other industries. Antistatic & UV Resistant grades also available.


By combining the exceptional high molecular weight of TIVAR® with polyethylene’s inherent characteristics, this results in a unique set of  properties. These include:

  • Extremely low coefficient of friction;
  • Outstanding sliding properties;
  • High abrasion resistance often outlasting steel;
  • Self lubricating;
  • Non-stick properties;
  • Tough with impact absorption;
  • Water repellant / non moisture absorbing;
  • High corrosion resistance;
  • Sound dampening;
  • Environmentally friendly / recyclable;
  • Hygienic, FDA (USA) approved;
  • Operating temperatures from -200°C to 90°C;
  • Lightweight & easy to install;
  • Non-toxic (certain grades);
  • Ability to include colour or performance enhancing additives e.g. UV or anti-static.


    TIVAR® has the lowest coefficient of friction apart from PTFE. It has excellent abrasion resistance characteristics and ease of installation. TIVAR® is also known for its flow-promoting properties by reducing problems such as caking, bridging and hang-up of dry or moist materials.

    The TIVAR® Range of low friction liners have been proven in many installations. Linings of storage and transport installations for a wide range of bulk materials have been successfully performed in both South Africa and around the world. TIVAR® Liners have significantly decreased downtimes, thereby reducing running cost substantially.


    TIVAR® GradeDescriptionColour
    TIVAR® G12PlainLight Green
    TIVAR® G12 with UV StabiliserLight Green
    TIVAR® G12with Visi-LinerLight Green on Red
    TIVAR® G12Rubber BackedLight Green on Rubber
    TIVAR® 88PlainBlue
    TIVAR® 88with UV StabiliserBlue
    TIVAR® 88with Visi-LinerBlue on Red
    TIVAR® 88Rubber BackedBlue on Rubber
    TIVAR® 88.2Weldable GradeBlue
    TIVAR® 806AntistaticBlack
    Quickslidewith UV StabiliserGrey
    Quickslidewith Visi-LinerGrey on Red
    QuickslideRubber-BackedGrey on Rubber

    TIVAR® Rubber-Backed

    TIVAR® grades exhibit excellent impact resistance and can be used in applications where there is a lot of impact taking place. Wear resistance and sliding capabilities are additional attributes. The addition of the rubber backing results in better impact absorption and thermal expansion and also minimises substrate corrosion. The rubber backing further eliminates fasteners and is easily bonded to a metal substrate with adhesive.


    Linings for Coal, Mineral Sands, Cement, Mining, Power-Generation, Food & Agriculture Industries:
    1. Silos, Chutes, Bins, Bunkers, Hoppers, Trays;
    2. Dump Trucks/Bodies, Semi-trailers, Haulers & Rail wagons.

    NEW! TIVAR® with Visi-Liner

    The VISI-LINER is a unique wear optimised UHMWPE material specially developed for bulk material conveying applications. The top layer, made of modified extremely high molecular weight UHMWPE TIVAR® grades exhibit excellent abrasion resistance. The bottom red layer also made from UHMWPE, indicates to the maintenance crew that the liners have reached the end of their life cycles and require replacement of the complete liner. VISI-LINERS are engineered to withstand harsh field conditions, protect your equipment and handle any kind of bulk material. Can be fitted to any grade of TIVAR®.


    Linings for Coal, Mineral Sands, Cement, Mining, Power-Generation, Food & Agriculture Industries:
    1. Silos, Chutes, Bins, Bunkers, Hoppers, Trays;
    2. Dump Trucks/Bodies, Semi-trailers, Haulers & Rail wagons.

    • keyboard_arrow_downFixing Methods:

      The recommended fixing options are possible for liner sheets up to 15mm thick:

      • Counter sink head bolts;
      • Install capped bolts with TIVAR® caps for liner sheets thicker than 15mm;
      • Kendal washer assemblies with TIVAR® plugs;
      • Stud weld assemblies with TIVAR® plugs;
      • Concrete expansion bolts with TIVAR® plugs;


      For rubber-backed liner material, adhesive methods may be utilised. Enquire with our sales team.

    • keyboard_arrow_downLiner Installation Techniques:

      Ensure that the surface to be lined is clean and flat. Where it is required to extend the lining around curved or radiused surfaces, the liner can be scored or grooved to facilitate forming.

      When lining mild steel chutes or bunkers, it is recommended to treat the steel surface with a rust-resistant coating.

      It is also possible to 'hot-form' the liner using gas or electric heating methods.

    • keyboard_arrow_downThermal Change Considerations:

      The ideal installation temperature is 20 to 24ºC. Due consideration must be given to the expansion differential between the liner and steel substrate. The coefficient of expansion for TIVAR® material is 0.138mm/m/ºC temperature change.

      Where wide operational temperatures are expected, smaller sheet panels should be selected.

      The highest temperature condition, should be considered when calculating the expansion.