In modern plant automation, process monitoring is increasing in importance. Trusted worldwide for its fluid measurement instruments and sensors, GEORGE FISCHER SIGNET is a leader in flow sensor insertion technology. We deliver advanced flow, pH, ORP, conductivity, resistivity, pressure, temperature and level measurement technologies which offer accuracy, dependability, ease-of-use and minimal maintenance.


Chemical process industry; life science; microelectronics; measurement & control; water treatment; ship building etc.

The following products are available for the Flow Measurement of Corrosive Fluids:

Paddle Wheel Flow Sensors

Available in various plastic and metal versions for pipe sizes DN15 to DN900 for typical fluid temperatures from -18°C to +85°C. Typical fluid temperatures from -18°C to +85°C. Paddle wheel flow measurement is best suited for clean fluids....

Magnetic Flow Meters

In S/S 316L Hastelloy® in Titanium, for pipe sizes DN15 to DN900. Signet 2551 Mag Meters offer several options of frequency/digital (S³L) or 4-20mA outputs.

In-Line Rotors

Smaller flows can be accommodated by in-line rotors and turbine flow measurement devices. Flows as low as 0.3 ℓ/m can be accurately measured. The injection moulded PVDF body and ceramic bearings, offer excellent chemical compatibility.


Ultrasonic Clamp-on Devices

Available, either as temporary or permanent flow measurement in various pipe materials, ranging in pipe size DN10 to DN100 and up to d2000 with an alternative transducer.

Temperature & Pressure Measurement

Signet temperature sensors has one-piece injection moulded PVDF bodies which are ideal for high purity applications. Temperature range from -10°C to +100°C.

Signet Hydrostatic Level Sensors

Can be used as a pressure transducer, or as a level measurement device. Pressure ranges are from zero to 0.7 Bar or 0-3.4 Bar. Both instruments are available in S3L digital or 4-20 mA current outputs.

pH & O.R.P. Measurement

Various configured silver/silver chloride pH electrodes are available to cater for demanding corrosive applications and temperatures ranging from 0°C to 85°C. Electrodes are available as flat or protected bulb , depending on possibility of...

Conductivity & Resistivity Measurement

Signet Conductivity/Resistivity are designed to provide versatile installation and accurate sensing of a broad range of cell constants. These are also available as integral mount systems which can be installed directly onto the process...

Free Chlorine Measurement

An integrated chlorine analyser to measure free chlorine in water through a continuous flow cell is available.

An optional pH sensor may be included to accurately calculate free chlorine in applications that have varying pH levels.

Turbidity Measurement

Signet Turbidimeter provides accurate and reliable constant monitoring for municipal and industrial water. Calibration can be achieved without disconnection of the water flow. Two measuring ranges are available: Either the 0-100 NTU/FNU...