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Design / CAD / CAE Assistance

Our Engineering and Design Capabilities

At Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials, we strongly believe that the successful completion of your finished product(s), starts with a thorough understanding of your application. As part of our 'Total Package,' customer service approach, our vertically integrated engineering team specializes in the following:

  • Full design and drawing review services, at little to no cost.
  • Comprehensive reviews for material selection, performance, manufacurability, and cost effective production.

Material Selection Assistance

  • Complete guidance from start to finish, ensuring that optimal performance and cost efficiencies are maintained. 
  • Unique formulations, that can be tailored for any challenge or application.
  • Reverse engineering, and material identification services are available. 

Design Assistance and Evaluation

  • Material conversion expertise, especially in metal-to-plastic conversions.
  • Customized consultations to evaluate structural failure, part stress, and mechanical performance.
  • Composite materials design assistance and education.
  • FEA Structural Mold Flow Analysis Capabilities.
  • Design validation and optimization
  • Product testing, and functional testing recommendations.
  • Structure analysis for non-uniform properties, due to fiber orientation.