Bone Screw Application Optimized Through Advanced Processing Technology


The Challenge

Our customer is a leading medical device OEM, who needed a thermoplastic composite material to replace their existing titanium component. Their demanding bone screw application had several stringent requirements that had to be met, making it difficult for them to find a composite material that had the high flexural modulus and tensile strength attributes that they wanted. Luckily, our Engineered Solutions experts stepped in to give our customer the proper material guidance that they needed, ultimately leading them to their perfect solution.


Our Solution

Using our advanced process technology, our Engineered Solutions team was able to produce a KyronMAX® carbon fiber reinforced PEEK rod that met our customer's exact specifications. As a result, they are already experiencing the following benefits:

  • High strength and stiffness due to increased flexural modulus - 3,000,000 psi - and tensile strength - 30,000 psi.