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Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials Plastic Composites

Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials Plastic Composites (QPC)
located in Lenzburg, Switzerland,
is a successful developer and manufacturer of glass-reinforced plastics and thermoplastic composites with a wealth of experience from the automotive industry.

Using glass fibers, polypropylene and additives as its raw materials, the globally active company with six locations in Switzerland, Germany, Slovakia, USA, Canada and Japan produces patented high-performance composite materials to its own formulations. The range of boards produced are further processed by customers. Using pressing techniques, they produce a variety of components distinguished by high quality coupled with low weight. The main purchaser is the automotive industry, although these innovative materials are being increasingly employed in the construction and capital goods industries.

Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials Plastic Composites ranks as the world’s leading manufacturer of thermoplastics reinforced with glass mats (GMT, GMTex). In automotive engineering, classic GMT materials have a long track record of use in semi-structural components of virtually all big-name vehicle makers. Thanks to their special properties, the composites (GMTex) newly developed by QPC, are now making inroads into vehicles' structural components, hitherto the exclusive domain of metals. GMTex is making totally new component concepts for future vehicle generations possible. The SymaLITE and MultiQ product lines complete the kaleidoscope of
high-performance lightweight construction materials that QPC produces for a multitude of applications.

True to the principle of “You inspire, we materialize”, Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials Plastic Composites develops solutions tailored to the specific task in close cooperation with its customers. The gamut of services for all-round technical support extends from the choice of material, prototyping and component tests through to the planning of component mass production. At the same time, QPC’s wholehearted commitment to Research & Development ensures that its high-performance composite materials are entering more and more fields of application in
wide-ranging industries.

What makes QPC's products special?

Thanks to their specific properties, the glass-fiber plastics and fabric-reinforced plastics are in many ways superior to conventional metal or wood materials and their formulations can be adapted specifically to certain application specifications. They are light, rugged, resistant to acids and water, sound-absorbent, highly resistant to dynamic loading, insensitive to impacts and low and high temperatures, non-decomposing, non-splintering, gentle to the environment and recyclable.

They can be pressed into any shape and are easy to process.
They can be:

  • nailed
  • drilled
  • deburred
  • stamped
  • and are amenable to water jet and laser cutting.