Innovative scaffold board made of plastic

MultiQ® Impact, a glass-fiber-reinforced thermoplastic composite, is clearly superior to conventional scaffold boards made of plywood on all important counts.

Industry: Scaffolding
Material: MultiQ® Impact

The Challenge

Conventional scaffold boards made of plywood are relatively heavy, can absorb moisture, and swell, age and rot in the course of time. In grueling everyday site conditions, they are severely stressed by repeated scaffold erection and dismantling and outdoor use in all weathers. And they suffer not only visually. For their mechanical properties such as load-bearing capacity and impact resistance also diminish with increasing age – particularly if they absorb moisture. At the same time, scaffold boards have to create a completely safe and non-slip deck for scaffold users during their work.

Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials’s solution

Together with a globally leading German scaffold manufacturer, Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials Plastic Composites has developed a scaffold board of a glass-fiber-reinforced plastic composite panel (MultiQ Impact) through to series maturity. The MultiQ Impact thermoplastic sandwich panel has an integrated non-slip surface, is extremely resistant to fracture and withstands impacts markedly better than plywood. The innovative, heavy-duty scaffold board doesn’t absorb moisture and therefore doesn’t swell or rot. It is resistant to all chemicals usual on construction sites and retains its characteristic mechanical and physical properties even at high and low temperatures. Because of its special surface structure, the novel scaffold board is also particularly easy to clean. All this makes for a long service life, at the end of which the high-grade material undergoes environment-friendly recycling.

Video Center

MultiQ® Concrete

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The MultiQ® Impact sandwich panel replaces plywood in moisture-sensitive environment.

Plywood 14mm vs. MultiQ 10mm

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6 kg out of 1.3m height on plywood 14mm vs. MultiQ Impact 10mm, Result: MultiQ® Impact (10mm thick) has a much higher energy absorption than a 14mm plywood.