Bad-road capsule made of GMTex® protects car underbody

New “bad-road capsule” made of GMTex® with synthetic fabric provides enhanced protection of the car underbody on bad and unsurfaced roads

Industry:     Automotive
Material:     GMTex®
Customer: Changchun Engley Automotive Parts Co., Ltd.
                    On the chinese market, the company ranks as the biggest supplier of compressed thermoplastic composites.

The Challenge

In many newly industrialized countries (such as the BRIC states), roads and other thoroughfares are in a poor state. To protect cars from damage, vehicles are equipped with a bad-road capsule. Specifically for the Chinese automotive market, OEMs have approached the Chinese component manufacturer Changchun Engley and asked it to come up with a heavy-duty GMTex solution suitable for a bad-road capsule exposed to severe mechanical stresses.

Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials’s solution

In cooperation with Changchun Engley, Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials Plastic Composites has developed a bad-road capsule made of GMTex with synthetic fabric. The innovative formula of the fabric-reinforced plastic composite ensures that the bad-road capsule protects vehicles even more effectively from damage thanks to its improved mechanical properties. The bad-road capsule made of GMTex with synthetic fabric displays exceptional impact resistance, fracture resistance and durability. On the Chinese market it is already in use on the Volkswagen Bora and Magotan vehicle models. 

Case Study

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